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Soft focus effect (day 20)

Posted in 100 day challenge with tags on December 31, 2010 by dingobat

Not a lot of text today, busy preparing for new year’s eve. I put petroleum jelly on a uv filter to create a soft focus effect. It gave a nice effect, especially because there was some streaks in the petroleum jelly.


Photo mosaic (day 19)

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What I have done today is creating a photo mosaic from a number of pictures. Last year me and some friends rented a car and drove around USA for three weeks. I took roughly 450 photos during that trip. Using a clever piece of (free) software, AndreaMosaic, I have compiled these pictures into one big photo mosaic. AndreaMosaic builds a mosaic of a picture of your chosing from a predefined set of pictures. It is very easy to use but still lets the users define a number of settings so that it is possible to fine tune the finale result.

This is what I got out of it this time around. If you click the picture you will be able to see a larger version of the mosaic.

Racking the lens (day 18)

Posted in 100 day challenge with tags on December 29, 2010 by dingobat

This technique has a lot in common with panning but instead of following the subject with the lens, the zoom is used to create the notion of motion. A long exposure time is used in combination with zooming the lens, this creates motion lines that points towards the middle of the photo creating an interesting effect.

I was out taken photos quite late today so there wasn’t much light and I therefore had to use a high ISO setting resulting in a lot of noise. To my eye the look of ISO noise is a lot more pleasant in black and white so that decided the look of today’s photos.




Freelensing (day 17)

Posted in 100 day challenge with tags on December 29, 2010 by dingobat

I found this great guide to freelensing and decided to play around with it today.

Freelensing is when you use your dlsr with the lens detached from the camera body. You just move your lens around freely in front of the camera, this way different optical phenomenons can occur e.g. lightleaks or a shifted focus area.

The mentioned guide is very good and goes into a lot of details so I will not discuss the finer points of freelensing here, I will just share a few of my own notes. I used an old Olympus 50mm manual focus lens, this way I could control the aperture even when the lens was detached from the camera. Most of the time I set the aperture to wide to get a shallow dof and focused the lens at infinity, this seemed to work reasonably well. By using an old Olympus lens on a canon body I also had a few extra millimeters to play around with for because of the difference in flange focal distance.

These are some of my results.

I was a lot of fun trying out this technique and I will try it again. I really like the lo-fi quality of these photos.

Camera toss (day 16)

Posted in 100 day challenge with tags , on December 28, 2010 by dingobat

Today I tried out camera toss, which is basically tossing the camera around while taken a picture of a light pattern. I used the patterns from this site and displayed them on my tv screen. As fare as I can tell any simple pattern with a black background will do, it can easily be created in e.g. MS Paint or GIMP.

These are my results (used a bit of post-processing to remove noise and adjust contrast).




Selective color (day 15)

Posted in 100 day challenge with tags , on December 27, 2010 by dingobat

Today I did not have time to go out and shot new photos for the challenge so I decided to try out a post-processing technique on some of my older photos.

The result of selective coloring is a black&white photo where a part of the photo still is in color. The most famous example is probably the scene(s), from “Schindler’s List” with the little girl in the red coat.

I used GIMP to achieve this effect. Top layer was black&white and bottom layer was in color. I then erased the areas that I wanted in color from the black&white layer and was left with a part black&white, part color photo.

This is the result.

Photo of beatle sculpture from the Museum of Modern Art in Brussels

One of the shaped bokeh photos

Photos taken in a local bar

Night time photography (day 14)

Posted in 100 day challenge with tags on December 26, 2010 by dingobat

Today I tried out long exposures and night-time photography. These are the result, not very sharp but gives a nice impression of the light and the mode. It so extremely cold today (around -7 degrees celsius), this greatly affected battery time and I had to warm the camera battery with my hands between shots because it kept running low.