Panorama (day 1)

First day of the challenge!
I looked around to find out what to start out with and decided to try and make a “little planet” photo. I seen a lot of these pictures around and I really like the effect (you can see examples of little planets photos here).

To make a little planet you need to first create a 360 x 180 degree panorama. Looking around the web it seem that Hugin is a good choice for stitching multiple photos into a panorama and making little planets. I found this this guide on flickr. The guy who wrote it seems to know what he is talking about and he has gotten some very interesting results from his workflow.

Making the 360 x 180 degree panorama was more complicated then I initially thought and I had to settle with just making a panorama. I think my problems have a lot to do with not paying attention to the following advice for shooting panoramas (from the flickr guide):
* use the smallest zoom you have to minimize the number of pictures you have to take
* lock the exposure and the white balance and the autofocus of you camera if you can: pictures taken with constant parameters are much more easier to stitch together
* do not rotate the camera around you, it should be you that is rotating around the camera: your camera should be the fixed point (the center of the sphere)

The resulting panorama is a view of the inner court of my apartment building.

Wide view of inner court

As you can see it is quite squiggly, seems I need a bit more practice using Hugin. I will probably revisit the little planet challenge at a later date when I am more experienced with using Hugin.


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