Time Lapse Photography (day 2)

It was quite frustating yesterday because of the problems making the the little planet. I spend a lot of time on something that really did not turn out very good. Today’s technique was luckily more succesfull and a lot less frustating.
Timelapse photography is something that has been on my todo list for a long time but I never got around to actually trying it. To have a reason for trying these different photo techniques is actually the main reason for writing this blog.

Timelapse videos consist of a number of photos taken over a extended period of time with each still photo as a video frame. It is basically a video on super fast forward so you get to see change over time condensed into a short video clip. I choose to make a timelapse video of ice melting because of conviences (there is a lot of ice around this time of year) and because I wanted to something that was easily controlable since it was my first attempt at timelapse photography.

To take the pictures at 10 seconds intervals I used my canon pocketcamera with the CHDK firmware hack so it was able to run a intervalometer script. There is a nice guide to doing this avaliable from the Hack a Day blog. To turn the photos into a avi movie clip I used the super simple MakeAVI (it does excatly what it says it does).

This is a picture of my setup

And this is the resulting video


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  1. […] of squares cut out from time-lapse photos I have taken from the kaleidoscope time-lapse and the ice melt time-lapse. The idea is that by building a mosaic of part of these picture, a slice of time is portrayed in […]

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