HDR and tone mapping (day 3)

This is my try at HDR photography. HDR stands for high dynamic range and is used to make photos with a higher level of detail in the dark and light areas of you photo (as far as I understand).
They are made by blending several photos taken at different exposures. I have done this using my canon pocket camera with CHDK and a bracketing script. With this script I took 7 photos at different exposures. This can also by changing the exposure setting manually.

As far as I can tell there is a large number of programs for producing HDR photos. I choose to use Luminance HDR since it is free, available to windows and (as it turns out) very user friendly. Luminance HDR also took of tone mapping the HDR image so that we are able to simulate/view the high dynamic range of the photo, on the more limited dynamic range of a computer screen.
Luminance HDR is able to tone map the HDR photo in a number of different way, which results in more or less realistic looking photos. These are some of the results I got by playing around with the different options and editing the results in GIMP.

Fattal operator:

Mantiuk operator:

Mixed in GIMP:

I am pretty happy about the result and the workflow. I have seen some really nice interior shoots done using this technique, it could be nice to try and do something similar at a later time.


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