Double lens reverse macro (day 5)

A few weeks ago I ordered a macro reverse ring ($3.50 on ebay) that would allow me to connect a reversed lens to the lens on my DSLR camera and thus making me able to shoot macro photos. The process is described in some detail here.
The reverse ring arrived a couple of days ago and today I had the time to play around with it. I used a 70-210mm lens on the camera and tried on two different reversed lenses, an old manual focus 28mm and an old manual focus 50mm (old lenses have manually controlled aperture which is helpful in this case).

First is a reference picture of the things I took photos of to get an impression of size. There is some salt, some herbs, a couple of coins and some ground coffee. Not included in the photo is the piece of ice I also took pictures of.


The following is the piece of ice. In the cropped version of the picture some tiny bubbles are visible, they are approximately 50micron / 0,05mm in diameter.




The following is a selection of macro photos of the above mentioned items at different magnifications.






It is a very interesting technique but also challenging because of the very shallow depth of field. All of these were shot hand-held with the use of flash. It would probably be nice to use a tripod to get a little more control of the movement of the camera, this would also make it possible to make multiple exposures and experiment with focus stacking.


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