Noise reduction by image stacking (day 7)

When shooting photos using a high ISO value (e.g. 3200), you often get a large amount of noise in your photos.

I read somewhere on a photography forum about stacking multiple photos of the same scene to reduce noise. The idea is that since noise is randomly generated, multiple photos will average out the noise when stacked.

To test out this idea, I took 21 photos of poorly lit scene using a setting of ISO 3200. As you can see from the photo this resulted in an image with a lot of noise.

Since I shot the photos handheld, I first had to align them. I did this using CombineZP.
When I had the aligned photos I then used EnfuseGUI to blend them together.

These are closeup of the before and after shoot. You can clearly see that a lot of noise have been removed.

And this is the less noisy result.

You can read more about this approach here.

I think this technique can be very useful in some situations even though it does require quite a lot of time to process the photos.


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