Holographic Light Effect (day 11)

More light painting. I bought the iPhone app Holographium and played around with it for today’s photo technique. Holographium allows you to light paint 3 dimensional text using an iPhone or iPad. According to the website “the 2-dimensional text is converted into a bunch of interconnected vertecies in 3-dimensional space, optimized, and then sliced into hundreds of frames. When your digital camera is ready, these frames will be projected over time on the holographic extrusion matrix, appearing quickly on your screen as bright lines and squares. While this doesn’t seem to make sense for your eye, your digital camera will produce amazingly cool long exposures when you drag them out in front of it.“.

I must say that it works pretty well and is fun to play around with. These are some of the resulting photos.

I just found out that Holographium apparently accepts all UTF-8 characters as input. That means that you can extrude characters such as ♥ ♕ ✂ ♋ (you just have to copy them from somewhere, e.g. this site and paste them into the program). This could open up for using the app for other uses besides extruding text.


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