Freelensing (day 17)

I found this great guide to freelensing and decided to play around with it today.

Freelensing is when you use your dlsr with the lens detached from the camera body. You just move your lens around freely in front of the camera, this way different optical phenomenons can occur e.g. lightleaks or a shifted focus area.

The mentioned guide is very good and goes into a lot of details so I will not discuss the finer points of freelensing here, I will just share a few of my own notes. I used an old Olympus 50mm manual focus lens, this way I could control the aperture even when the lens was detached from the camera. Most of the time I set the aperture to wide to get a shallow dof and focused the lens at infinity, this seemed to work reasonably well. By using an old Olympus lens on a canon body I also had a few extra millimeters to play around with for because of the difference in flange focal distance.

These are some of my results.

I was a lot of fun trying out this technique and I will try it again. I really like the lo-fi quality of these photos.


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