Photographing textures (day 22)

I wanted to get some closeup photos of different textures with an emphasis on light and shadows. To accomplish this is experimented with different light setups. I used the technique from day 4 where a long exposures setting is used together with a flashlight in a totally dark room. This lets you have total control of the lighting without using a lot of (expensive) equipment. It is also very easy to try out different setups faster since there isn’t much to move around.

I took photos of a woven tree basket together with a small feather. These are my results.

Lighting from above



From the side from a low angle (notice how the feather becomes see through, I really like this picture).



Again from the side from a low angle.



Side lighting from a slightly higher angle.



Lighting from within the woven basket.



Same plus an external light source.



It was really interesting trying out these different ways of lighting a scene and I learned a lot about in lighting general and how it affects the 3d feel of textures in photos.


2 Responses to “Photographing textures (day 22)”

  1. Excellent work! I like numbers 2 and 4, but I’m really drawn to the abstract quality of number 5.

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