Harris shutter effect II (day 24)

I was not completely happy with yesterday’s result because the static part of the picture was in black and white. Therefore I researched a bit more on the subject and found this explanation on how to make a color picture with the Harris shutter effect using Photoshop. I do not use Photoshop, instead I use the free image manipulation program GIMP. Luckily the workflow in this case is almost the same as in Photoshop. I opened my 3 almost identical photos as different layers in GIMP and then used the channel mixer to so that only the red channel was present in the first layer, only the blue channel in the second layer and only the green channel in the third layer. After this is done, the layer mode for each layer is set from “Normal” to “Difference” (setting is placed in the “Layer” window). The result of this was a color image of the static parts of the scene and color shadows of the moving parts.

Another tip is to use CombineZP to align your photos if they are not completely aligned. I had to do this because I shot the pictures handheld instead of using a tripod.

I used the technique on the photos from yesterday and I am pretty happy about the result.




One Response to “Harris shutter effect II (day 24)”

  1. Nice dude! second picture is awesome…

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