Lo-fi 360 degree panorama (day 30)

Today I wanted to test out my homemade fisheye lens from day 29. I did this by shooting a 360 degree panorama using the lens. I was able to cover the 360 degrees in just 8 shots and still have enough overlap between the pictures for the software to stitch a panorama together. Using the panorama software I found out that the lens approximately have a 125 degree horizontal and vertical field of view.

As you can see from the pictures the lens is really soft and prone to flare but I feel that it is still useable and fun to play around with. Since the lens is softest around the edge of the image circle, it is helpful that the panorama software stitches together the sharper image centers.

I used a trial version of the PTGui Pro (as you may notice from the watermarks in my photos) for stitching together todays panorama. It is a really nice piece of software and a lot less frustrating to use than Hugin which is the panorama software I have been using so far. It also comes with an online viewer for your panoramas. See todays panorama here (uses Flash).


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