Off camera flash (day 32)

Recently I bought a cheap IR remote trigger that in theory would allow me to use one of my old flashes that I have lying around (bought used together with an analog camera, not normally useable on a digital camera) as an off camera flash. This would allow me to light pictures with a flash light source from different angles.

What the remote trigger does is to activate the off camera flash when it senses light from the camera flash. I turned out that there was a problem with using the remote trigger together with my cameras (a Canon 350D and a Sony A200) because they both fire off a preflash that activates the trigger before the photo is taken.

After a lot of researching I found out that the trigger probably would not work with the Sony camera. I found out that the Canon on the other hand can I be tricked into firing the preflash by pressing the and holding the FEL button (flash exposure lock, marked with * icon on my camera). When the photo is then taken the camera flash then activates and sync with the off camera flash.

I also wanted to reduce the light coming from the camera flash so that the light from the off camera flash would dominate the photo. I achieved this with a quick hack, by attaching a IR lens filter to the camera flash with a rubber band the amount of visible coming from that flash is greatly reduced, only the IR rays needed to activate the trigger can pass the filter.

This is how it looks:


And this is  the initial results (boring test shot).


(next time I will probably remember to dust off my watch before taking pictures of it).



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