Pendulum light painting (day 34)

I been following this blog for some time. The author of the blog writes about his project of doing a creative thing a day for a whole year. He recently completed his work on building a harmonograph (a mechanical device for drawing oscillations). Reading about this got me thinking about doing something similar only using light painting instead of pen and paper.

Today I began working on some ideas for making this happen. The photos below are the initial results, they show the oscillations of one pendulum. I did this by placing a camera on a moving pendulum and having a stationary laser pointer as the light source. To get more complicated patterns, I intended to also place the laser pointer on a pendulum, unfortunately the laser ran out of batteries before I could try this. I will probably continue to work on this project and blog about it another day.



2 Responses to “Pendulum light painting (day 34)”

  1. I just found your blog. I am so happy that you have found some inspiration in my own blog. Keep it up! I am learning a ton about some photo techniques that I have never heard of. Some of my favorites are your Harris shutter pictures, the shaped bokeh, light stencils and little planet pictures.

    This idea is great. I have thought about this with my own harmonograph table. I’ve thought of replacing the record player pendulum with a cage with the camera mounted in the center looking up through plexiglass. Then placing an led on the two arms and letting the led shine down through the plexiglass. I love that you have had the same idea. You can see from your pictures that once you add the second oscillation you might get spectacular results.

    Anyways, good luck! Keep it up! Congratz on 30 days down! I’ll try to check in from time to time. I’ll add a link to your site as well on my links page.

  2. What a nice surprise. I really enjoy your writings and it was your blog that got me started on this project.

    I think that idea with using a led would work nicely. I would be interesting to use a programmable led to achieve different effects e.g. color changes in the middle of a pattern. I was also thinking that it would open up the possibility of using Morse code in the pattern by using a blinking led to create a -..-.–. line. It could be interesting to embed small text pieces this way.

    After starting my photo project, I am increasingly impressed with the amount of work you must put into your own project. I was surprised at how long it actually takes to research, make and write about the different daily assignments.

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