Abstract photos with multiple exposures (day 35)

When researching photo techniques that I could try out for the blog, I read about double exposure using analog cameras. Because analog camera use film, double (or more) exposures are easily done by winding back the film roll and exposing the film again. This is (as fare as I know) not possible to do in-camera when shooting digital. It can be done in post-processing e.g. by playing around with layer in GIMP or Photoshop. By doing multiple exposures in post-processing you gain a lot of control which can be both a blessing and a curse. What attract me to multiple exposure photos are often the randomness that comes from the photographer not being completely sure of how the multiple exposure are going to be mixed before the photo is developed.

To archive a similar effect I used a camera set to a long exposure time in a dark room and then created the multiple exposures by firing off a off-camera flash multiple times (kinda similar to the flash portraits done for day 8, except with a different subject and more exposures). I tried it out on an orchid on a black background. I found that by using a steady movement, e.g. panning the camera using a tripod, some really interesting abstract patterns was created. It could be interesting to use this technique as the basis for making alternative portraits of people (if you look closely you can actually see that I am included in one of the photos).



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