Change of perspective and miniature faking (day 36 and 37)

For day 36 I wanted to take some photo from a different perspective. I went to the city center because there is an old church tower with a platform on top that is accessible for the public. The tower is 35 meters high, which is higher than almost all of the nearby building, so it was a nice place to shoot from. I got some nice photos using my normal lens, I will hopefully get around to turning them into a 360 degree panorama of the city center.

I also used my tele-lens and when I got home and looked at the photos it reminded me of a technique I read about. Miniature faking is when real photos are manipulated to look like pictures of miniature models. It done by using a applying focus blur in post-processing indication a shallow depth of field, Wikipedia has a very informative article on it. I thought I would give it a try and found this helpful guide to getting started working with this technique using GIMP.

To apply the focus blur on the right parts of the photos is used a depth map, something I have not used before but it seems very useable. Below are the resulting miniature photo, the depth map and the original photo.

I am not sure that the resulting photo is very convincing but it was interesting to work with and learned something about photo manipulation doing it.


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