Kaleidoscope lens (day 41)

I have been looking for a kaleidoscope for a long time. Judging from the toy stores I visited it does not seem that it is a very popular toy these day. I mentioned this to my brother and in no time he showed up with three different types of kaleidoscopes (two for creating abstract patterns and one that creates patterns based on what is in front of the lens).

I cut holes in a balloon and used that to fasten one of the kaleidoscope to the lens of my dlsr, this both kept it in placed and prevented some light leaks.

These are some of the results of shooting with the lens.

I also used my canon pocket camera with CHDK to make a movie of the kaleidoscope that created a moving abstract pattern. I experimented with both making a time-lapse and using the movie mode. The time-lapse can be found in the next post.


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