Vertical concentrated time-lapse (day 44)

Todays post is a little technical but the process described yields an interesting result. I liked the idea from yesterday of a concentrating a time-lapse into one picture. The problem is that the number of photos that can be included in the picture is limited by the time it takes to manually cut out the individual parts and put them back together again. I researched on how to automate the process and found the open source software ImageMagick. This image editor has a very cool feature, it can be used from the command line and can process a batch of photos based on a script. To get the script part working in Windows I had to install Cygwin and run script through that (“Linux-like environment for Windows making it possible to port software running on POSIX systems” according to the website).

Luckily I found an already made script that did what I wanted it to do. What the script does is to cut out a vertical slice (a few pixels wide) of each picture in a folder and then “glue” them together into one picture in chronological order. The process is described in detail on this page.

These are my results applying the scrip on my kaleidoscope and ice melt time-lapses.


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