Magnetic resonance imaging (#45)

Back from vacation! I had a really nice time snowboarding with friends in Sweden. The plane was to do some photo projects for the blog while I was there but unfortunately I had packed in a hurry and forgot my camera charger. I was only able to take about 5 shots before the camera died on me. I turned out was not so bad being forced to take a break from photography, doing the daily photo projects have been taking more time then I initially imagined when starting out and it was nice to focus on other things for a while. Hopefully this break will end up being beneficial because I will be able to approach the coming photo projects with renewed energy.

Back to the topic of today’s photo project, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). I some times work as professional guinea pig where I am paid to participate in different medical studies. For me it is a really nice way to make some extra money while I am studying. Most of the time it is interesting work and I get to meet a lot of interesting and knowledgeable people plus I get acces to a lot of data on my body that I probably would not be able to get in other ways.

Today I got a MRI brain scan as part of one of the studies I am participating in and I was able to get a copy of the resulting digital file. After a little research I was able to find a piece of software that would allow me to open the scanner file, MRIcron. It is always nice to experience that people are willing to give away software that the they put a lot of time and effort in.

The scanner file consist of a lot of image slices so that you are able to see different parts of the brain. This could e.g. look like this.


Last time I got an MRI I made as screen grab while navigation around the scanner file using MRIcron. It is weird to look inside one’s own brain



The last thing I did was to overlay the MRI profile image onto a real profile image of myself. I looks spooky but I like it.



3 Responses to “Magnetic resonance imaging (#45)”

  1. Nice! Kan vi lave noget lignende med mig?

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